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There has only been one employee that was awesome, friendly and helpful. Maybe one say CBH will have a good, honest and friendly staff. The current Manager is rude and has a ugly attitude. Upper management should fire the manager as she is a vindictive and grudge-holding martinet. Neighbors above are a thunderous nuisance at all hours. Some people are complete idiots or outright criminals. We are convinced she kept a large part of the cleaning fee we were forced to pay for herself.
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While first dates can often feel stuffy and cold, as you sit in dark cocktail bars where drinks are so expensive you have to focus all your energy on enjoying each high-concept droplet, this date felt low-pressure, fun and relaxed.

I got the sense we would have had just as good a time at Popeye’s, and maybe that’s the secret—finding someone who is open to reimagining the first date as something more inclusive, and by “inclusive” here I mean fried-chicken-adjacent.

Free browsing: With so many dating sites available, different types of people are going to gather at different types of places, but how do you know if they’re your kind of people?

You certainly don’t want to have to pay first, only to discover a site of dark, goth personalities you’d never date.

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If users are inarticulate, hostile to each other, ask for nude photos or are unresponsive on The Grade, they get booted, he added."More recently, I've been hearing a lot of disappointment for the apps that are on the market.I thought to myself, I'm perfectly positioned to tailor make an app that works for high-end, busy, successful professionals like my clients."That's how The Dating Lounge began.In my favorite sitcoms, the greetings between a character and his or new love interest are so charming and fluid: they bump into each other, make eye contact, and immediately dive into shared interests and future baby names. The courtesy laughs, elevator eyes, not-so-subtle elbow touches, and too-soon cheek kisses that still somehow lead to making out in a gazebo set a terrible example for how to make a good first impression.Make eye contact, but don’t look through us or up and down our bod before meeting eyes. We’re letting you in on exactly what those are so you can make your best first impression, every time.