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Originally targeted toward working women who wanted to cook, set an attractive table, and get out of the kitchen fast - with as little clean up as possible, this durable break and chip resistant glass cookware/bakeware is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. It was hailed as a new space-age cookware material virtually impervious to temperature extremes. Enjoy this versatile, classic Corning Ware product for many uses in your kitchen and for many generations to come!

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A revised backstamp, with PATENTED above PYREX and MAY 27, 1919 below, was used after that date through 1924. A model number and, later, the capacity in pints or quarts were added above, and OVEN WARE below. Later pieces are also recognizable by, instead of "MADE IN U. A.", the the wording "by CORNING, Corning, NY, USA" with the verbiage NO BROILER OR STOVETOP or, later, BAKING AND MICROWAVE below.World Kitchen, LLC promises to replace any PYREX cover that breaks from oven heat within 2 years from date of purchase.Any non-glass part/accessory with a manufacturing defect will be replaced without charge within 2 years from date of purchase.Do any of you have any tips that I could try to clean it? The underside has a very stubborn black line along the crack that I can't get out. Eating cleaner isn't difficult; it really comes down to shopping consciously and preparing your meals at home as much as possible.I'm attaching a picture of the lasagna pan I picked up for ! It looks like it's baked on sugar that's been baked and baked again. ADVERTISING / CUSTOMIZED patterns are marked with a "&". Patterns Only • View Tableware / Restaurant Ware Only This main purpose of this picture guide is for quick Vintage Pyrex pattern identification.