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Dating is a ride full of ups and downs, as well as most of time the downs are the effect of a misunderstanding.
Media headlines and blogs might herald the popularity of online dating, but there are many who keep their love life offline or have returned from the digital world exhausted and burned by smartphone apps and websites that promised a soul mate.

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She made her escape in the family car and drove to a friend's house. On edge with jagged nerves, he thought the air conditioner was too loud.

Holding tomatoes he was squishing in his hands, one of the boys told her that her head was going to look like the tomatoes if she refused to do what he told her. When no one responded to his complaint, he walked over to where the fire retardant and an axe hung on the wall, took down the axe, swung it up and let it land on the electric cord.

We shared the same stand-in, Evelyn Moriarty, because I played the part in the TV series of was on NBC, your costume was designed not to show your belly button.

I only met Marilyn Monroe that one time, on the Columbia lot.

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Hagman could not have been happier reprising ‘the role he was put on Earth for’, she says. It meant everything to him, and we were having a blast.Axelsson devoted her life to keeping Hagman happy and 'although Larry spoke glowingly of her to strangers and the press, when talking to people who were truly close to him, he blamed her for any relationship in their life together that went wrong', Kristina writes.The long-running soap opera Dallas ran from 1978 to 1991.Actor Larry Hagman, best known for playing the ruthless oil baron JR Ewing in the long running soap opera, Dallas, had a reputation for being a happy go-lucky guy who wanted to play, dance, sing, drink and get high.But behind his costume wearing, dope-smoking, drinking openly and hippie lifestyle, Hagman led a double life with shocking secrets that even his daughter, Kristina Hagman only learned after his death in November 2012.'Dad liked secrets.It seems all wrong to be meeting Dallas's Sue Ellen Ewing on a bleak December afternoon in suburban south-west London.