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Determining authorship of any historical work generally starts by looking for a claim within the work of who wrote it.Scholars then look at the language used in a text to see if a single voice or multiple voices are present.Peter, the Second and Third of John, Jude, and Apocalypse; giving seven in all as the number of the New Testament contested books.The formerly disputed passages are three: the closing section of St.Nero's mad acts in Rome against the Christians had nothing to do with the imperial cult.Under Domitian, who according to the Eastern pattern laid claim to divine honors for himself as emperor during his own lifetime, there arose for the first time the persecution of Christians by the state on religious grounds.

And in the Christian tradition Domitian is unanimously regarded as the first persecutor of Christians after Nero.During the following centuries, Rome conquered Greece and the Macedonian Kingdoms piece for piece until, with the conquest of Egypt in 30 BC, she held all land around the Mediterranean.However, as Horace gently puts it: "Conquered Greece has conquered the brute victor and brought her arts into rustic Latium" (Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit et artis intulit agresti Latio.) Roman art and literature were calqued upon Hellenistic models.Mark's Gospel, xvi, 9-20 about the apparitions of Christ after the Resurrection; the verses in Luke about the bloody sweat of Jesus (-44); the , or narrative of the woman taken in adultery (John -).Since the Council of Trent it is not permitted for a Catholic to question the inspiration of these passages.books and portions of books, their canonicity having formerly been a subject of some controversy in the Church.